Lean Corner / Exhibition Booth

Lean Factory Corners and Exhibitions booths in a modern workplace are a meeting place for supervisors and production staff to present company stats, plans and discussions regarding the work force. Due to the growing use of technical documents and procedures in a production environment as well as the constant need for communication and visual management, these solutions provide the image of a successful and functional integration, thus enhancing the quality image in your production workshops and offices. Exhibition booths offer a custom-built look but with flexibility and functionality of design. This allows you a platform to showcase your products and get face to face engagement with the customer thus developing your brand.

Lean Corner / Exhibition Booth


  • Structure in combination of 30×30 and
    40×40 anodised Aluminium profile
  • Easy to assemble
  • LED light integration
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Flexible design

Customisation options

  • Panels: White magnetic board,
    ACP (Aluminium composite panel),
    Laminated Ply, Acrylic
  • Customised printing

U Shaped Lean Corner