We are


Our main goal is to identify the customers’ needs and provide innovative & cost-effective solutions with superior aesthetics. What follows this is enthusiastic, committed employees who carry pride and commitment towards the company’s goals. We take absolute pride in assisting organisations in achieving this and are as enthusiastic as our customers to release the huge potential of Lean.

The vast Aluminium Profile Design range provides a variety of components selected for their simplicity and ease of use, with flexibility and customisation options. These characteristics make them suitable for any specific need, allowing us to achieve amazing results.

Our Team


Our Vision

To be the first choice for Visual and Shop floor Management products in India.

Our Mission

Be a quality manufacturer of Visual and Shop floor Management
products with innovative local and global designs. To serve customers with dedication, honesty, loyalty and timely service.

Our Philosophy

To do efficient and honest work and be open to development and change.

Our Values

Customer Focus

We seek to maximise satisfaction by looking from the customers perspective and
anticipating their needs, providing excellent prior and post sales service with transparent communication channels.


Responsibility to our customers for fulfilling our commitments of quality, cost and
service. Empowerment of our co-workers with honesty, loyalty and dedication to complete tasks in the most efficient manner.

Continuous Improvement & Development

Continuously grow & develop products based on customer feedback and international practices in Visual Management. To create awareness and share responsible environment behaviour.

Honesty & Integrity

Our word is our bond. We strive to ensure each task is done honestly and with integrity, delivering within the commitment given.

Our Showroom

We invite you to a first-hand experience of the possibilities in LEAN Manufacturing at our modern display showroom.

Located in the Heart of PCMC Industrial Area, we are probably the only showroom in India to display representative pieces of Visual & Shop Floor Management Products.

Rather than vouching for our quality, we would like our products to speak for themselves.

Come and experience it!

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